Men arrested after corpse found encased in concrete in a bathtub and covered in coffee grounds

A missing person's case was solved quickly Tuesday when police entered the man's house in upscale Hawaii Loa Ridge and found a bathtub filled with concrete and topped with coffee grounds. The 73-year-old owner of the home was "encased" in it, Lt. Deena Thoemmes told ABC 7 News, "in a state of decomposition once we chipped away at the concrete mixture."

Police questioned a 23-year-old man who claimed to live there. He and a 34-year-old man with him were allowed to leave after determining there were no signs of foul play outside the home. Police later learned the 23-year-old man had been in an intimate relationship with the victim, believed to be the 73-year-old owner of the home. … Baron, 23, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals and Los Angeles police detectives on a Greyhound bus in Anaheim that was headed for Mexico. He was found "hiding in a crawl space under an enclosed bench at the rear of the bus. Baron had pulled back a metal plate near the bus's rear bathroom and crawled under the enclosed bench seat," the statement said.

Well, at least they learned that smells go though concrete.