What's up with that adorable head tilt that dogs do?

How can you hate dogs, man? I mean, we essentially steered the evolution of every dog to be as adorable as possible. Not that they needed much help in that venture. Even though they would rip out your jugular without a moment's hesitation, wolves, the ancestor of all dogs, are startlingly beautiful animals too. It's kind of similar to big cats. Every cat person would love to own a tiger, but since they typically come equipped with the tools and intent to commit murder, we opt for the smaller, more friendly variant instead.

One shared trait, possessed by dogs and wolves alike, is that little head tilt that is cute enough to melt the ice around a banker's heart. But why do dogs tilt their heads? In the video linked above, the YouTube channel SciShow offers—well, no real conclusive answer to the question, but they have some pretty interesting theories.