Uncomable Hair Syndrome is real and this cute toddler has it

This is Locklan Samples, sixteen months old, who has one of around 100 known cases of Uncomable Hair Syndrome. Yes, that's a real thing. From Fox5Atlanta:

After studying Lock's hair under a special microscope, an [Emory University] pathologist confirmed he has one of about 100 known cases of uncombable hair syndrome.  

"The hair strand is like a triangle shape and twisted," Katelyn Samples says.  "Every single individual strand is that way." […]

There is a chance that Lock Samples will outgrow uncombable hair syndrome once he reaches puberty.

If not, Katelyn Samples says, they are okay with that.

"I love it," she says. "We're so proud of it.  I think it's cool to have something that lets you stand out. "We really consider it a blessing."

You can follow Locklan on Instagram at @uncomable_locks