How to chase your music dreams without accumulating student debt

Who amongst us hasn't once spotted someone strumming a guitar and dreamed of trying it? Maybe it was someone DJing a masterful party set or a person rocking out on the drums — but regardless, at some point, you likely envisioned conjuring up a beat that made the crowd go wild. It's understandably a universal love, but it's not always easy to learn, and more often than not, it's just too expensive to dip into this world.

That's why Punkademic Music eLearning is such a fantastic opportunity for music lovers: With a three-year all-access subscription to Punkademic Music eLearning, students have access to 98 (and counting!) music production courses at a stellar price. Currently, it's $99 or 86% off the typical $720 MSRP.

With over 1,000 hours of video content, you can brush up on all aspects of music production and theory and gain a deeper understanding of what goes into creating a beautiful piece of music. The classes run the gamut from drum programming techniques, recording, Pro Tools, and more.

Another quality that really sets Punkademic apart from the pack is its staff. Punkademic was started by music instructors at top colleges and universities who wanted to create a platform that provided affordable and accessible music lessons open to every level (no need to feel embarrassed if your understanding of music creation begins and ends with "Do-Re-Mi" by Julie Andrews).

You'll get to learn from actual pros. Punkademic has a 4.6/5 star instructor rating, and Ableton Certified Trainers teach all Ableton Live classes. Plus, great instructors are drawn to this platform because Punkademic pays them fairly. In fact, over 95% of the purchase price goes to them. Considering other sites will only pay instructors between 5 to 40% of the purchase price, that's a massive difference!

As one student gushed in a testimonial on Punkademic's website, "These courses are the most professional courses you will find on the internet and will give you a push to the moon in your production."

It feels good to learn from true geniuses — and to know the majority of your money goes to them. You can buy Punkademic Music eLearning: 3-Yr All Access Subscription today for just $99, or 86% off.

Prices subject to change.