Interview with man whose car was wrecked by influencer bro's Tesla jump

Viral footage of a bro wrecking a rented Tesla for the likes has yet to lead to arrests. But here's the owner of one of the vehicles parked nearby, which was so badly damaged by the "douche jump" that it's an insurance write-off. He gives the driver a piece of his mind and asks for help replacing his sensible Subaru.

If you guys think it's not cool that youtubers go to your street and jump their teslas and wreck into people's cars in the middle of the night, I'd appreciate anything you have so that I can get back up and running again, thanks.

Elon, give him a Tesla.

An interesting coda to this: one of the influencer bros present at the incident (filming, no less) is going after people for "copyright/defamation" over their online presentation and discussion of it—the Subaru owner among them.

Given the attention this has gotten, you'd think the bros involved would shut their mouths, wouldn't you? But the police don't seem to care about the incident and nailing them civilly would take literally years of expensive legal action—far more expensive than the damaged vehicles are worth. So they're perhaps used to getting away with this sort of thing.