Fox reporter says a good leader should shove, not smile

It almost sounds at first like Fox mouthpiece Jesse Watters is actually, finally, criticizing Donald Trump for the boorish way he failed as president.

After describing President Biden as "wandering around Brussels with a big smile plastered on his face like he's at Disney World," Watters cuts to a video (see below) of Trump shoving Montenegro leader Dusko Markovic in 2017.

"Compare that to how Trump worked the room at the NATO summit in 2017. Remember he pushed the president of Montenegro out of the way so he could be upfront and center on stage…" Watters says, showing us just how brutish the one-term president was by contrasting his aggressive behavior to Biden's.

But then Watters reminds us what his Russian-propaganda network stands for. "…leading. Everybody knew there he was in charge."

And a president who smiles rather than inflicts violence? "He's not acting like a leader."