DC Comics announced new Bat-NFTs

From DC Universe:

Batman is building a faction to defend Gotham. Collect one of 200,000 unique Bat Cowls and unlock a 2+ year roadmap of features, benefits, and value. The Bat Cowl Collection will be integrated into future stories from DC Comics.

I am very much not looking forward to whatever absurdly inorganic way that these Bat-NFTs get "integrated" into the Batman comics. But anyway, here's a little more from publisher and CCO Jim Lee:

While Batman is one of the world's most iconic Super Heroes, garnering hundreds of millions of fans all around the globe—his appearance has changed and shifted over the past 83 years. What's exciting about this amazing collaboration is that we are continuing the evolution of his distinctive Bat Cowl by bringing it into the modern digital world, making it accessible and more wildly engaging than ever before. Through the introduction of carefully curated colors, textures, and upgrades—the end results offer a take and taste for every kind of Batman fan out there and serve as powerful ways for all of us to make a timeless icon our very own.

The cost for each Bat-NFT will be $300; DC will also be hosting its own secondary marketplace, where people can re-sell their Bat-NFTs. In other words, the company is hoping to bring in $60 million from this particular blockchain (Bat-chain?) venture. A speculator market for comic books? What could possibly go wrong? (Sub-question, will they be offering foil embossed upgrades for your Bat-NFT?) Are there even 200,000 people who would spend $300 on a unique Batman jpg?

Shit, there probably are.

On the bright side, I suppose it will be harder (though certainly not impossible) for the Joker to steal a digital image. Except I bet the Riddler could find a way to crack the blockchain. And Catwoman could easily get her hands on someone's phone and sell the verification at a loss only to mark it back up again. Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy might both get mad at the rampant energy use of NFTs, however — and we know their furor can be deadly.

Still, I can't help but think of all the good that $60 million dollars could do for the citizens of Gotham…

The Bat Cowl Collection: One Epic Drop [DC Publicity]