Watch the first Tawareeh prayer in Times Square to celebrate Ramadan

To say that New York City and Islam have had a strained relationship since 2001 would be an understatement. Following the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, millions of Americans aimed their antipathy at all Muslims. Similar to the anti-Japanese sentiments that pervaded the country after Pearl Harbor, islamophobia took root in the hearts of a host of Americans. While the wounds haven't healed completely, the tension that American Muslims used to feel is slowly beginning to dissipate. One need look no further than the post linked above for a salient example of America's newfound tolerance for Islam.

Ramadan 2022 started on April 2nd, and, to celebrate the occasion, several Muslims poured into Times Square to offer the Tawareeh prayer. During the month of Ramadan, it's customary for (some) Muslims to engage in the Tawareeh prayer after the fifth and final prayer of the day. Tawareeh consists of reciting the Quran and lengthy acts of worship for the holy month of Ramadan. The gathering on April 2nd marked the very first Tawareeh prayer in the history of Times Square.