Watch lightning strike NASA's megarocket launch pad

On Saturday, lightning struck the launch pad where NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket was undergoing testing. There wasn't just one lightning strike, mind you. Or even two. But FOUR! See one of them above. From

The rocket is protected from lightning by three towers and a catenary wire structure to divert strikes to the ground away from the booster. 

The first three lightning strikes were relatively low-power events, NASA officials wrote in an update late Saturday. But the fourth strike, which hit "tower one" of the lightning protection system, was more powerful[…]

"One of the strikes last night was the strongest we have seen since we installed the new lightning protection system," wrote Jeremy Parsons, NASA's deputy manager of the Exploration Ground Systems, who is live tweeting the test for the agency. "It hit the catenary wire that runs between the 3 towers. System performed extremely well & kept SLS and Orion safe. Glad we enhanced protection since Shuttle!"