Upcoming Lego set contains the whole galaxy

Lego has produced several beautiful and innovative wall-mountable sets, like Spider-man and Starry Night. Now, they are releasing a set of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and it is gorgeous. The set is built in three dimensions, using a variety of unusual shapes to create the effect. Side note: my favorite unconventional use of a Lego piece is the pink frogs used for the summer flowers on the bonsai set. 

Photo: Lego

The set includes 3,091 pieces and measures 16 by 26 inches when fully assembled. It features some of the most distinctive parts of our galaxy, such as Trappist-1, The Pleiades, The Crab Nebula, and The Pillars of Creation. The QR code included in the set provides additional information about the Milky Way, and there is also a custom soundtrack to listen to while building. The set is divided into five sections, each with its own instruction booklet, which makes it easier to build with friends. There is also a tiny "You are here" sign included in the set. Heh.

Lego also announced an Artemis Space Launch System set, a highly detailed model of the Artemis launch tower, Orion capsule, and rocket boosters. Usually, I would be super excited about this set, but the designer of the Milky Way knocked it out of the park, making Artemis feel a little bit less exciting. 

Photo: Lego

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