What happened to pleated pants?

Whenever I watch old films—which is quite often—I become nostalgic for an era I never lived through. As much as I enjoy modern tech, the idea of buying an entire spinner rack of comics for $5 is almost too enticing to turn down. I especially dig the fashion of the era. Some guys may disagree, but I enjoy putting on dress clothes. I relish the opportunities, slender and fleeting though they may be, that society affords me to dress like a member of the rat pack. To paraphrase a 90s scholar- Cher Horowitz from Clueless- contemporary men's fashion takes zero effort.

In the video above, the YouTube channel Gentlemen's Gazette turns our attention back to an era where a pair of pleated pants was essential in every man's wardrobe. And more importantly, they try to figure out what societal change occurred that caused the pleated pants to fall out of favor.