oHHo CBD could help troubled sleepers drift away easily each night.

With just a dropper full under your tongue before bed, the gentle calming properties quickly come forward, helping to relax both mind and body.

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Those who find themselves tossing and turning more nights than they care to admit should be consoled by one mildly disheartening fact: you are definitely not alone. Not only are sleep troubles common, but odds are you've got one yourself. Seriously.

Studies show that more than half of the population has trouble falling asleep. About 1 in 4 people are sleeping less than the recommended eight hours per night. For those who are tired of being tired and ready to take action, there are three little letters that could end up being your salvation: CBD.

Producers of sustainable, high-potency oils like oHHo CBD are already looking like solid alternatives to pharmaceutical sleep aids that could help regulate your shuteye each night and get out-of-whack sleep schedules under control. 

Studies are still investigating the extent of CBD's effectiveness. Still, its calming effects have already produced remarkable results, including one study where CBD users' registered sleep scores improved by 66 percent

oHHo takes a very hands-on approach to all aspects of its products. For instance, NY CBD Oil comes from a carefully selected collection of small farm growers nestled right in the Empire State's Hudson River Valley. So while the CBD is extracted and formulated with organic, ketone-rich MCT oil in consultation with a team of expert biochemists, the roots of that oil are born right there in that location, which creates a woody, hoppy, rose- and pine-tinged signature.

With just a dropper full under your tongue before bed, the gentle calming properties quickly come forward, and could help relax both mind and body. Prominent terpenes, including beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene, could aid in soothing chemical levels in your body, lowering anxiety, and can make you more susceptible to falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night

Customers report feeling refreshed without the harsh chemical-induced fog and lethargy of over-the-counter sleep medications. User Louise quickly became a believer, saying, "I began using oHHo CBD oil just six days ago, and it's really made a difference. In just a few days, my sleep time has increased along with the quality of that sleep. I am totally thrilled."

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