This Star Trek-spolitation film from Turkey is far out (1973)

For your viewing pleasure, Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda ("Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek"), a 1973 Star Trek-sploitation film from Turkey. Part of a series of Ömer the Tourist comedy films, Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek was released in theaters six years before the first official Star Trek: The Motion Picture. According to Wikipedia, "the plot and dialogue are almost verbatim from "The Man Trap", with borrowings from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and "I, Mudd" (a collection of androids), "Arena" (Kirk battles a Gorn-like creature), and "Amok Time" (Kirk and Spak [sic] are forced to fight each other), as well as the unauthorized use of special effects footage from the series."

Here is the plot via Google Translate:

In the movie, the space adventures of Turist Ömer are told. The spaceship Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk is on its new mission. They must receive the reports from Professor Crater, who lives alone with his wife on the planet Orin 7. Mister Spak lands on the planet with a crew. However, one of the crew dies unexpectedly. The doctor had difficulty determining the cause of death. The killer is the professor's wife, Nancy. To save him, the Professor decides to lure an ancient creature to the planet with a time machine. Tourist Ömer is about to be married to a woman he did not know at that time. During the wedding ceremony, the machine pulls Ömer to Orin 7. Tourist Ömer thinks he is saved. However, the adventure has just begun.

A Neon Harbor video analysis of the movie: