Woman who infamously attacked Black teen for stealing her phone, which he didn't do, pleads guilty to hate crime

Remember Miya Ponsetto who in 2020 at a New York hotel attacked a young Black teenager she wrongly accused of stealing her phone? As a reminder, watch Ponsetto's idiotic interview below with CBS News shortly after the incident. In a Manhattan courtroom this morning, Ponsetto pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment in the second degree as a hate crime. From CNN:

The plea deal requires Ponsetto, 23, to follow the probation terms for a separate case in California, attend counseling and avoid further criminal incidents.

If she doesn't comply, Ponsetto could go to prison for up to four years, prosecutors said. But if she successfully follows those terms, she can re-plead the felony charge to a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment in the second degree[…]

District Attorney Alvin Bragg said Ponsetto "displayed outrageous behavior.""As a Black man, I have personally experienced racial profiling countless times in my life and I sympathize with the young man victimized in this incident," Bragg said.