Penn law professor goes on Tucker Carlson's show to say Black and Asian people resent "Western peoples' outsized achievements"

Amy Wax is a neurologist and a lawyer. She's the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  She also has a penchant for racist remarks, which is why Tucker Carlson is pleased to let her come on his show and share them with his racist viewers.

During her most recent appearance on Carlson's Fox Nation program, she said Black and Asian people resent and feel shamed by "Western peoples' outsized achievements." She is particularly spiteful toward Indian Americans.

"They climb the ladder, they get the best education, we give them every opportunity, and they turn around and lead the charge on 'we're racist, we're an awful country.,'" she told Carlson. "On some level, their country is a shithole."

In the past, she said the U.S. would be "better off with fewer Asians."

From NBC News:

In her appearance on Carlson's show, Wax mocked the anti-racist efforts of South Asian women, particularly those at the Penn School of Medicine. "I feel like asking these people, why did you leave your country? Why are you here?" 

Carlson added, "You don't show up in someone else's country and start attacking them."

Beyond the xenophobia, [executive director of the South Asian civic organization Indian American Impact, Neil] Makhija said, the attacks on Indian American physicians don't hold weight for a very simple reason. 

"What's extraordinary is most of those people she is attacking probably didn't even immigrate; they were born here," he said. "She's treating our own citizens as people who are less American and don't belong here."