The art of Jesse Lonergan

The artists that excite me the most in comics are the ones that can play with the medium's form. Anyone can draw pictures inside the little boxes on a page, but only true visionaries can turn the panels into part of the art, tone, and narrative.

Too often do artists take the medium of sequential art for granted and adhere to preconceived limitations of what comics can and can't do. That's why artists like Jesse Lonergan are so consistently impressive to me. 

Aside from their pencils- which carry a grungy aesthetic- Lonergan creates some of the most visually stunning panel layouts this side of Eisner. One of the best examples of Lonergan's panel structure comes from their book HEDRA, for which they also provided the script. 

Yesterday, IDW publishing announced Lonergan's new project, ARCA, and I couldn't be more excited. If you want to become familiar with Lonergan's unique style, give their Instagram gallery a browse.