Warner Brothers want to call a mulligan on the DC Comics cinematic universe

With Marvel movies merrily marching through society as the pinnacle of tent pole and superhero blockbuster filmmaking, DC Comics is starting to look jealous. It's not surprising that Marvel's number one rival would want a superhero film universe of their own. The only problem is that they already have one, and it's trash. The DCEU—which is as awful an acronym as the films they produce—has basically been a dumpster fire since 2013's polarizing Man of Steel. In response to the backlash, Warner Brothers doubled down instead of doing the responsible thing and not letting Zack Snyder anywhere near a camera again. Instead, WB gave the 56-year-old edge lord another stab at defining their cinematic direction with the atrociously received Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

And again, instead of cutting their losses and course-correcting after the film flopped(relatively speaking compared to its projected gross), Warner Brothers kept trying to salvage Snyder's vision in the greatest act of Sisyphean dedication in Hollywood history. 

However, at the same time, DC films that bore no connection to Snyder's mid-life crisis verse like Joker and The Batman were met with critical acclaim. Even a few films within the DCEU—like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam—that veered away from the Snyder's "edgy over everything" tone have garnered critical favor. 

Well, it looks like Warner Brothers are finally getting sick of watching Marvel stroll across the finish line unopposed for the sixth year in a row. Reports are percolating across the web that the film studio is looking to switch directions for their superhero universe. Hopefully, when WB decides to banish the DCEU into the Phantom Zone, they'll send Zack Snyder with it. Maybe after that, the world will know peace.