UK hiking trail strewn with human excrement

Park authorities in Snowdonia, Wales, are begging hikers to stop shitting in public after noting the "upsetting and alarming" preponderance of the evidence. The Manchester Evening News reported that trails in the region were "covered in human excrement".

"Snowdon a national nature reserve and so it's really quite a special and fragile environment," Ms Pye told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast. … "This is unfortunately a small minority that perhaps aren't as well prepared, let's say and get caught short. And most of the visitors to Snowdon are fantastic, they come well prepared. They're aware that they're off on a mountain hike and they listen to the messages that we put out to kind of go before you hike and use those facilities at the bottom of all the main paths."

In another story, the BBC reported that one guide "even caught a man defecating on the mountain's railway line."

"I caught a guy going to the toilet on the railway line," Ms Davies said. "He quickly pulled up his pants and tried to make a quick getaway. But I had already seen it, my group had already seen it. And we had to walk past it as well."