Tokyo's new Manuscript Writing Cafe demands customers make progress toward their writerly goals

Stop gripin' and start typin'! The Manuscript Writing Cafe in Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood is built to help writers make progress on whatever novel, article, report, or manga they may be working on. Customers are required to set a writing goal and to be working away while in the cafe. From Thrillist:

The shop provides writers with power and charger outlets, cooling stands, and Wi-Fi to make things as writer-friendly as possible. Writers also have access to unlimited refills of drip coffee to help them power through any writer's block.

Writers can also request different levels of verbal pressure from staff members to make sure progress is being made. Every 30 minutes, to give writers more of a sense of urgency and help them hit their deadline, writers are charged 150 yen or $1.20. Not only will patrons be charged every half hour, but customers also can't leave until they achieve the day's writing goal or the cafe closes for the night.