Here's a retro video of a dancing Corey Feldman

As I was born in 1988, I didn't experience the rise of the Coreys. It was only through watching tons of microfilm and reading periodicals that I could appreciate such a landmark moment in American history in retrospect. I mean, there were two actors named Corey, who were friends, at the exact same time. What are the odds? I shudder to think how society would've fared had we been deprived of it. We definitely wouldn't have the impressive array of Marvel actors named Chris; I tell you what. 

In addition to being a talented actor, Corey Feldman also thought he was the reincarnation of Michael Jackson—despite the pop star still being alive. Feldman has since retired his Jackson shtick, even though he's the last one standing. Since we can't count on a comeback, here's Feldman dishing out some dance moves on an 80s show. One thing's for sure, Feldman's moves were honesty in motion.