Let's celebrate fifteen years of Hot Fuzz

They don't make 'em like Edgar Wright anymore. With his films Baby Driver and Last Night in Soho, the mega-talented Wright has asserted himself as one of the most interesting auteurs of the modern era. Long-time Edgar Wright fans were already aware of his versatility as a filmmaker, but watching the rest of the world uncover what we already knew has been fun. 

The film that made me understand that Wright was a master of visual storytelling was 2007's Hot Fuzz. I hadn't seen Spaced at the time, and my only exposure to Wright was through Shaun of the Dead. When I bought my ticket for Hot Fuzz, I was curious to see if Wright could spin straw into gold two times in a row. After leaving the theater, I knew I'd follow Wright's career forever. 

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Wright's send-up to police buddy flicks, I thought it'd be cool to share a commentary track for the film featuring Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino.