Video: A truck loses its brakes and barely misses a school bus full of kids, caught on four cameras

A truck driver going 40–45 mph on a two-lane road in Ohio lost his brakes as he approached a school bus from behind. The bus stopped, as well as a pick-up truck that was traveling in the opposite direction, giving the truck driver a narrow gap to weave through while traveling at a high speed.

The video below shows the scene taken from four different cameras. The first is from the truck driver's dash cam, where you can hear him honking his horn while screaming, "Stop, stop, stop, stop. No!" He continues to honk and scream until expertly maneuvering his truck between the school bus and the pick-up.

In the second version, taken from the school bus's dash cam that has no sound, we see the pick-up truck in the opposite lane stopped yards away from the bus. After a few moments, the pick-up quickly drives in reverse, ramming into a car behind it, in order to make room for the out-of-control truck.

The third and fourth videos show the inside of the bus, with kids who mostly seem oblivious as to why they are stopped. "What was that?" one of the kids asks after the truck whizzes by, to which a frazzled-looking adult says, "You don't want to know."

Fortunately, nobody was injured.