Watch a delivery person barely (BARELY!) avoid getting run down by a huge truck

Apparently, July 20, 2019 was that fellow's lucky day. Read the rest

Bored kid walks away from fence seconds before a car smashes through it

How soon before this shows up in certain Facebook circles as "proof" of guardian angels? Read the rest

Man in Saudi Arabia came within inches of being sliced in two by a falling pane of glass

This was a close call. A man saunters out of a building, pauses to inspect the bottom of his shoe, and is nearly guillotined by a falling sheet of glass. After the incident, which knocks off his headwear, he gets up and walks briskly in the opposite direction. Read the rest

Experience: "I got stuck hanging naked from a tree"

Hilde Krohn Huse is a filmmaker and a performance artist. In this essay for the Guardian, she recounts her recent experience of ending up getting stuck in a tree hanging upside down from a rope tied around her ankle. In the [arguably NSFW] video above, you can watch her struggle to untie herself. Thankfully, she's OK.

The resulting film starts with me approaching the tree, placing my left foot into one of the loops, then swinging my right foot right up through another loop hanging a couple of feet beneath the branch. Then I lean back until I’m hanging upside-down, my head and shoulders resting on the grass. I hold this pose for about half a minute. Those seconds of stillness were all I needed for my film, yet as the camera captured them I felt the rope tighten around my ankle and knew I’d made a terrible mistake.

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Oncoming locomotive encourages slow-moving gentleman to pick up the pace

It looks like this fellow believed he could stop the train with the power of his mind, but at the last minute realized the train wasn't going comply with his command. He ends the performance by shaking his fist and uttering a curse at the disobedient train. Read the rest