You can now buy DC Comics-themed wedding rings

Thanks to Nerdist, I've learned that a company called "Manly Bands" — yes really — has teamed up with DC Comics for a special collection of superhero-themed wedding bands. And also one for the Joker (which seems like it would be a red flag, given his abuse and torment of Harley Quinn). Curiously, the collection does not feature a Green Lantern ring, despite the fact that Green Lanterns literally get their powers from their rings, which they use to manifest will-powered constructs — which is probably the most romantic way to go about this. There is, however a Flash ring, as Barry Allen famously stored his costume in a ring for many years; his ring, however, was not an 8mm wide Black Zirconium Domed Ring with an asymmetrical red inlay that cost $325.

Check out Nerdist for more details on the collection.

DC Comics-themed wedding bands let you pledge your love in nerdy style [Eric Diaz / Nerdist]