Watch Adam West react to Michael Keaton's casting as Batman

The Flash movie has become the Schrödinger's cat of superhero films. The film exists simultaneously in developmental hell and post-production, depending on the news cycle. Although Warner Brothers dropped a teaser trailer several months back, we've scarcely heard any news regarding the film since. The most consistent information we've gotten related to the movie has been about its troubled star. Since 2020, Ezra Miller's behavior has become increasingly erratic as they've been involved in a series of assaults and arrests. Miller's antics have sparked rumors that Warner Brothers executives are looking to "rethink" their relationship with the star

Fortunately for Warner Brothers, even though the film is called The Flash, Miller isn't the only box office draw involved. Thanks to the film's multiverse-centric storyline, Michael Keaton is reportedly set to return as Batman in The Flash. Plus, recent rumors have indicated a posthumous appearance from Adam West is also in the cards. Until The Flash hits theaters, the video embedded above is probably the closest we'll get to seeing West and Keaton crossover.