"Holy f*ck, bro!" Man videotapes a bizarre pit on a freeway on-ramp, then gets a surprise

In this video, a man has stopped his car in the middle of the road at the opening of a tunnel leading to an onramp. His camera is pointed at a large, deep pit in the road. It's a bizarre sight.

"Holy fuck bro I almost just went in this onramp," he says. "There's no signs blocking it off, and I thought I was fucking high. That's just a pit on the onramp What the fuck? They don't have this shit blocked off or nothing."

Then another car passes him and enters the tunnel.

"Watch this guy's coming. There's a guy coming behind me. Yeah! Is he gonna fucking go? Holy shit."

Watch the video to find out what happens.

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(Front page thumbnail by Radowitz / Shutterstock.com)