A pyramid PC case large enough for full-size video cards

Now and again I want a pyramid-shaped PC so that my undertakings may be favored. Unfortunately, the image I have in mind—like the gently glowing one on the cover of Gary Numan's Pleasure Priniciple—turns out to be technically impractical and unlikely, even using compact parts (mini-ITX mainboard, nvme storage, etc). The reality of such a thing would be an unhandsome, underpowered, cable-wrapped disappointment that generates no orgone and poses no threat whatsoever to nearby airspace. Azza, however, decided to just make a pyramid PC case large enough to accomodate high-end PC components [Amazon], however large that might be. It is enormous. Turns out pyramids are an inefficient form for housing standardized computer components!

That said, the CSAZ-804L case accomodates ATX motherboards, full-size GPUs and cooling systems worthy of the name. It's made of aluminum and glass. You will want about a cubic yard of space for it to occupy, because it is 27 inches along one side. It's $400 too, so you better bring the bacon.

Reviews are solid, though, and from the YouTube builds it's clear that it's nicely made, though larger cards are a tight fit and everyone ends up having to compromise somewhere.