Profile of Wendy Froud, the Mother of Yoda

Wendy Froud is a legend in the world of practical effects, crafting the prototype for Yoda and characters in The Dark Crystal and other Jim Henson productions. She's often not credited properly in online databases, though, having "seemingly vanished" from Hollywood and the public eye 30 years ago, writes Falene Nurse for Inverse. Why?

"People say they want puppets, but they don't have the faith," Froud laments. "They don't fully believe." …

The good ending is that her view has finally won out, with exquisitely hand-made puppets, all inspired by her work, gracing productions such as The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and Star Wars: The Mandalorian without being smothered in or replaced by CG.

How the "Mother of Yoda" conquered Hollywood — and why she disappeared [Inverse]