GOP candidate thought he could ban CNN from rally, but CNN got creative

Pennsylvania's leading GOP gubernatorial candidate, Christian nationalist Doug Mastriano, is so radical that although he claimed all were welcome to his campaign rally over the weekend, he banned the media from attending. He'd rather keep his bible-centric campaign, which "fuses politics with Christianity" (and pushes Trump's stale Big Lie while he's at it) under wraps.

So when CNN's Kyung Lah and her crew showed up at the Uniontown hotel, where the poolside event was taking place, they were turned away. But that didn't stop them from booking a room at the hotel with a perfectly positioned poolside balcony seat:

Image: Screengrab / CNN via YouTube (video below)

Fortunately it's mighty difficult to put a ban on creativity. CNN's full story, which aired on Monday, is here: