2022 is a good year for this Sunday's "Super Flower Blood Moon"

Big news for the Moon this Sunday and Monday — it has a lot to look forward to! First, it will be full, which is always an occasion for joy. It will be a "supermoon" because it will be close to the Earth, making it especially big and bright. If that's not enough, it will also be in the shadow of the Earth, giving it a momentary break from the harsh rays of the Sun and giving Earth's fauna (at least those on the United States' East Coast) the opportunity to marvel at a total lunar eclipse. And during the eclipse, it will glow with an eerie blood-like color, "caused by all the sunrises and sunsets on Earth shining on the Moon at the same time," according to NASA.

We are grateful to you, Moon. You were a child of the Earth, set loose by your father, Theia. You have faithfully remained in orbit around your mother for 4.425 billion years, providing our oceans with a lively gravitational tug and our evenings with a fantastic cool luminescence. You are a muse to our bards, a shield against meteorites, and a compass for countless creatures. Thank you for your beauty, your mystery, and your service to our planet. Life on Earth would be dreary without you. Enjoy your Super Flower Blood Moon moment. We are proud of you, Moon! And we will be watching you closely on Sunday and Monday, courtesy of NASA's live video feed.