Married with Children is getting an animated reboot

It's clear that the endless tidal wave of adult animation that began with The Simpsons isn't going to stop anytime soon. Don't misconstrue me; we received innumerable gems from the 90s adult animation boom. But for every, Rick and Morty and American Dad! We also got a God, the Devil, and Bob or an Allen Gregory. 

There isn't a network that's exempt from trying to cash in on adult animation, but one of the most prolific producers of the genre is the network that sparked the craze. Fox has been behind a slew of hits and misses in an undying attempt to duplicate The Simpsons. And it seems like the answer to their prayers was sitting right under their nose. 

According to Deadline, Fox is set to work on an animated version of Married with Children, with the original actors reprising their roles. Considering that Married with Children was a breakout hit for Fox alongside The Simpsons, the news is pretty ironic. What's next, is Fox going to greenlight a live-action Simpsons reboot?

 Another classic 1990s comedy is making a comeback. An animated revival of Married… with Children headlined by the original series' stars Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, Christina Applegate and David Faustino is being pitched to networks and streamers and is getting strong interest, sources tell Deadline.

The new take on the 1987 Fox sitcom is written by Family Guy executive producer Alex Carter, who serves as showrunner. Sony Pictures Television, which owns and distributes the original series, has been working on the animated project for over a year and closed deals with the quartet of Married… with Children stars before taking it out.

While it is unclear yet where the animated Married… with Children would land, Fox, Hulu and Peacock are considered logical destinations.