What it's like to live in Hong Kong's densest apartment complex — "Monster Building"

Known affectionately as "Monster Building," this Hong Kong apartment complex houses over 10,000 people in small rooms. In this video, YouTuber DongDong Wu shows what life is like in and around Monster Building.

From Atlas Obscura:

The Monster Building, as it's been nicknamed by locals, isn't actually a single building, but an E-shaped complex composed of five connecting structures: Oceanic Mansion, Fook Cheong Building, Montane Mansion, Yick Cheong Building, and Yick Fat Building. They were built during a population boom in the 1960s to offer government-subsidized housing for low-income residents.

The compound has a similar look to other subsidized housing built in the same decade, when the upper floors of the building were used as residences and the lower floors were used for shops selling tea, fish, and other groceries and household goods.

According to Wikipedia, The structure inspired locations in films like Transformers: Age of Extinction and Ghost in the Shell and music videos like "Labyrinth" by Mondo Grosso and Hikari Mitsushima and "Cave Me In" by Gallant and Eric Nam.