Wichita Police nab "Poopetrator" who defecated in the wig aisle

Wichita Police took to social media to find a woman who had pooped in two beauty stores, necessitating the destruction of several wigs. Unsurprisingly, their Facebook messages reached the masses, started a shit storm of activity, and helped to quickly identify the "Poopetrator."

Image capture via Facebook

It is still unknown why this woman crapped in the wig aisle.


Police say a "poopetrator" who used a Wichita beauty supply store aisle as her personal toilet last week — not once but twice — will likely face criminal charges for choices that, well, stink. The woman was caught on security surveillance video defecating in the middle of an aisle after walking into the Mid-K Beauty Supply at 2251 E. 21st St. on May 10, the department said Tuesday in a Facebook post that not only called for public tips to identify her but also poked fun at the offensive — and smelly — incident. The woman continued her "fecal assault" at another Mid-K Beauty Supply branch the same week, a Wichita police spokesman told The Eagle in an email answering follow-up questions about the case.