The CW gave teen drama Riverdale the ax

Friends, we're gathered here today to celebrate the life of a beloved property in the world of comic adaptations. A property that helped unite disparate fandoms under one ludicrous banner. Friends, I'm here to pay my respect to Riverdale

When they first announced that Archie comics would receive a Veronica Mars/Twin Peaks-style teen drama on the CW, I was skeptical. Hell, I even thought the entire concept reflected the inherent cynicism of comic adaptations. "It doesn't matter if it reflects the source material," says the cavalcade of suits that green light shows, "as long as it has a similar title, they'll watch it." 

I'm happy to announce that I was wrong on all accounts. Riverdale is a hilarious piece of surreal entertainment that is genuinely one of the most shocking shows on television. And sadly, that's all coming to an end. According to Deadline, Riverdale is going to be the latest casualty in the WB/Discovery merger and will cease production with season seven. 

If you've never seen Riverdale, allow the video linked above—produced by Super eyepatch wolf—to explain why so many people fell in love with the wacky show. The world will be a little colder without Riverdale