Televised stunt reveals MAGA's cult-like defense of fake depraved Trump recordings

In a televised social experiment, MAGA supporters disturbingly defended fake recordings of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women and teens, exposing their cult-like willingness to excuse his depravity.

In one of the fake recordings, Trump boasts about wanting cameras installed in teen girls' dressing rooms:

Look, I need cameras in the dressing room, you know, cameras on the wall, cameras on the floor, aimed up at their whatevers. I want the best cameras set up by the best Chinamen. It's to make sure that they're safe. I mean, look, I can't be there all day. I'll just start grabbing them. Believe me for them, not me. I'm a man. They're beautiful women. It's totally natural. You know, sometimes I'll walk in naked, so then we're all naked. I mean, if they file a complaint against me, I can file it right back at them. A Jew lawyer told me that one.

The MAGA folks not only think this is OK, it's what they want from him!

MAGA Woman: I like him. because he says all that. We love it when he says what everybody thinks and won't say. And with that personality goes those kind of comments most of the time.

MAGA Man 1: As a man, I know I've been in situations where we've been in locker rooms and we've been… this is man talk. I've done it, said it, they've done it, said it. I've been around plenty of men. Professional, I mean, you name it, every man has said something to the effects that, you know, that…

That what? That objectifying and violating the privacy of teenage girls is normal guy behavior? Maybe it is in MAGA land, but not in the real world.

But it gets worse. In another clip, Trump ponders taking a paternity test for Ivanka because he's heard she's "voluptuous" and "great in bed," questioning if that means she's "fair game."

How did the MAGA geniuses respond? One said Trump was simply "complimenting his daughter in his head!" In MAGA land, incestuous fantasies are a form of fatherly praise. Another, struggling to find words of praise worthy enough for his god-emperor, stuttered, "He's still, he's still a, he's still a human male as a male. I do, I do, say some things that are crude, okay?"

The most amazing thing? Not one of these MAGA cultists question whether the recordings were even real or fake. They sound exactly like something Trump would say, and they love every putrid second of it.