The new Mission: Impossible trailer is here

Despite how much I love superhero movies, I enjoy getting a reprieve from their dominance now and then. Granted, the slew of competing blockbusters that routinely battle superheroes for box office real estate are only marginally "more mature" than their caped counterparts, but you have to take what you can get. Movies like the Fast and Furious or the Jurassic Park series may not have the costumes and superpowers of a Marvel flick, but the formulaic story structure that supports them isn't too dissimilar. 

That's why I cheer whenever a new or older film franchise arrives to break the Marvel monotony. Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible series is older than the MCU and the Fast Franchise, but I still feel like the series is ahead of the curve. Even though the Mission: Impossible movies have been a mainstay since Ghost Protocol, I always treat their arrival like a breath of fresh air in the realm of blockbusters. You can check out the Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One trailer in the video linked above.