Helpful hints to stay safe at NRA protests

On the heels of the Uvalde, TX school massacre, the National Rifle Association is meeting in Houston, TX, on Friday, May 27. Among other high-profile Republicans planning to attend are Texas Governor Greg Abbot and former President Donald Trump.

Protests against the NRA are also planned, to be held in downtown Houston, organized by various individuals and groups including Teresa Kim Pecinovsky, an interfaith chaplain, as well as Moms Demand Action, and the Houston chapter of Black Lives Matter. 

If you're planning to attend these protests or any of the dozens of others planned across the United States tomorrow or over the weekend, Twitter user @nonsequiteuse, a lawyer and activist, has put together a helpful thread providing practical advice about everything from keeping cool in the scorching hot Houston weather, to understanding the role of legal observers, to how to film at the protests.

This KNOW YOUR RIGHTS protestors' right toolkit from the ACLU is also really helpful. If you're going to any of these protests, please stay safe!