Lauren Boebert brushed off 15,000 violent gun deaths per year as just a "drop in the bucket" (video)

Lauren Boebert's flippant remarks about gun deaths in the 2018 video below sums up the ghastly NRA-fueled mindset GOP politicians embrace. In a car leaving her Colorado town of Rifle to counterprotest at an anti-school-shooting March For Our Lives rally, the Congresswoman says she's "not happy about it."

"If this is really a March For Our Lives, let's march against abortion, because I was looking at statistics, and there are nearly 1 million abortions per year in America," she said, comparing abortions to gunning down children at school. (And of course her stats were off. According to the CDC the number of U.S. abortions in 2018 was 614,820.)

"Do you know how many gun violent deaths there are in America [per year]?" she asks.

"15,000," she answers with a smirk, as if she's just delivered a gotcha fact. "Hmm. A drop in the bucket I'd say."

And clearly, with school shootings on the rise including 27 U.S. school shootings that have taken place so far just this year (which doesn't include other 2022 mass shootings like the deadly Tops market massacre in Buffalo that killed 10 people earlier this month), her politically motivated "drop in the bucket" attitude is not just hers alone.