Leonardo DiCaprio, breakdancing icon

When the first trailer for the Wolf of Wallstreet dropped, I had two questions. Does Martin Scorsese really listen to Kanye West*, and who was Leo's body double during that breakdance scene? The latter was obviously slightly more imperative than the former. After watching the film, it became readily apparent that Dicaprio was the one dancing. There wasn't an ounce of camera trickery involved. 

Actors learn skills for movies all the time. Here's a clip of Ana De Armas learning how to disarm three grown men for No Time to Die. It's part of the gig. As a result, I thought someone taught Dicaprio some moves for his turn as Jordan Belfort. But then I watched the scene again(by the way, I should mention that I've watched the Wolf of Wallstreet at least ten times). He was too fluid. There was no way he could've learned that level of bodily control in a four-month shoot. 

In the video embedded above, Dicaprio invites himself to the cookout by detailing his origins as a breakdancer for Oprah and her adoring audience.

*Yes, I know that directors don't pick the music for trailers. I was being facetious.