Michael Avenatti sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing from client Stormy Daniels

Michael Avenatti, already a convicted felon for trying to extort footwear giant Nike, is also a convicted felon for stealing money from his client, Stormy Daniels. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison today.

In February, Avenatti was convicted of wire fraud and identity theft for pocketing about $300,000 of the $800,000 advance that Daniels was paid for her book, "Full Disclosure," which included details about an alleged affair she had with Donald Trump before he was president. Avenatti is already in custody, following his 2020 conviction for extortion, transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort and wire fraud in connection with threats he made against the sports equipment giant Nike.

He will serve some of the sentence concurrently with the 30 months imposed in the Nike case. Judge Furman, quoted by Matthew Russell Lee:

A four year sentence, some but not all consecutive with the Nike case sentence, will be appropriate. Giving Mr. Avenatti an additional thirty months is what I am imposing. You are remanded for 48 months—18 concurrent to the Nike case

We knew Trump was untouchable during his administration when this crook and the moron Robert Mueller emerged as "resistance" Dems' dream-team heroes. We knew Trump was untouchable for life when Merrick Garland was appointed Attorney General.