The same folks that targeted Qnut Madison Cawthorn have taken aim at Lauren Boebert

Signaling even more trouble for Colorado's GQP Congressperson and reputed long-distance driver Lauren Boebert, the same folks who released tons of awful and career-limiting information about Madison Cawthorn, the Muckrackers PAC, have Bobo in their sights. Colorado's state attorney general has launched an investigation into her pretty unbelievable mileage claims and other financial chicanery, partially from tips supplied by the PAC.

NY Times:

Campaign finance inquiries can be notoriously slow, and this one is unlikely to yield conclusions before Colorado's primary on June 28. Ms. Boebert, a right-wing freshman known for her performative antics and confrontational outbursts, faces State Senator Don Coram, who is campaigning against "fringe leaders" who "act more like out-of-touch celebrities than members of Congress." The inquiry may not gain much traction before the general election in November.

More concerning to Ms. Boebert might be the attention from the Muckrakers PAC, which released a string of sexually explicit videos of Mr. Cawthorn and negative testimonials from the congressman's former aides, which helped lead to his defeat in the Republican primary in North Carolina last month.

"Colorado deserves more than an irresponsible, loudmouth member of Congress," said Mr. Wheeler, the PAC's president. "Maybe it's time for Boebert to look for another line of work."