Here are the TSA's rules on whether it's OK to take live fish and other unusual items on a plane

What are the TSA rules on breast milk, camping stoves, human remains, live fish, antlers, baseball bats, shot-puts, skateboards, unbottled prescription medicine, cannabis, fireworks, gels, garment steamers, and homemade food? Dana Dickey of PureWow asked the agency and got answers.

"Can I bring onboard the live fish my kid won?"

This one is ultimately at the discretion of the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint, but in some cases, a live fish in water and a clear transparent container is allowed after inspection by a TSA officer. (And hedge your bets with a cover story/redirection in case that gold fish winds up going down the drain, i.e. "The nice officer just told us that he has goldfish that will be friends with Swimmy at his home," etc.)