CNN on the origins of the white nationalist gang, Patriot Front

Police officers in Coeur d'Alene, who arrested 31 alleged members of a white nationalist gang called Patriot Front on Saturday for conspiring to riot at a Pride parade, say they are now receiving death threats from people sympathetic to the alleged hate group.

CNN's Anderson Cooper reports on the origins of the new gang.

Booking photo montage: Top row, from left, are Jared Boyce, Nathan Brenner, Colton Brown, Josiah Buster, Mishael Buster, Devin Center, Dylan Corio, and Winston Durham. Second row, from left, are Garret Garland, Branden Haney, Richard Jessop, James Julius Johnson, James Michael Johnson, Connor Moran, Kieran Morris and Lawrence Norman. Third row, from left, are Justin O'leary, Cameron Pruitt, Forrest Rankin, Thomas Rousseau, Conor Ryan, Spencer Simpson, Alexander Sisenstein and Derek Smith. Bottom row, from left, are Dakota Tabler, Steven Tucker, Wesley Van Horn, Mitchell Wagner, Nathaniel Whitfield, Graham Whitsom and Robert Whitted.