Trump thinks America needs to be nicer to white people

Once again, saying something that would make anyone else unelectable, Donald Trump agrees with claims that white folks are the real victims in America.

I remember when folks referred to Bill Clinton as the Teflon candidate because nothing would stick to him. Trump flat-out represents many of the United States' worst ideas, and when the garbage he spouts is coherent, unlike recent speeches and comments he's made, what we get is him being a racist. This is from a recent Time Magazine interview:

To critics, Trump's preoccupation with crime is a racial dog whistle. In polls, large numbers of his supporters have expressed the view that antiwhite racism now represents a greater problem in the U.S. than the systemic racism that has long afflicted Black Americans. When I ask if he agrees, Trump does not dispute this position. "There is a definite antiwhite feeling in the country," he tells TIME, "and that can't be allowed either." In a second term, advisers say, a Trump Administration would rescind Biden's Executive Orders designed to boost diversity and racial equity.

Trump's base, as is evidenced by the many interviews with folks who do not know up from down, is chock full of conspiracy theory lovers who wear embarrassingly silly hats and teeshirts. Still, there are also dangerously over-armed militia weirdos following him, and I think they love this kind of encouragement.