Confused Rudy Giuliani blames Trump for 100,000 fraudulent ballots in another goof

Rudy Giuliani has told so many Big Lies, the confused suspended lawyer can't keep them straight anymore. Such as yesterday, when he said 100,000 fake ballots were all for Donald Trump. (See video below.)

"At three in the morning, two garbage trucks come in with 100,000 ballots or more," he said to Steve Bannon on the subject of Michigan votes in 2020. "… And they say that those ballots, every time they heard a name, all those ballots were for Trump, and they did not appear to have come from a voting station since they came in a garbage truck."

He didn't even realize his Big Lie mix-up until Steve Bannon interrupted his ramblings to fix it for him. And even then, Giuliani tried to sabotage the fix, switching the "garbage bags" to "a bucket," and the "100,000" to "20,000." Perhaps he's still nipping at the stuff he sampled on election night.