Rudy Giuliani slurs a tweet attacking Nancy Pelosi for hoaxed slurring

What is going on.

This appears to be a slurred tweet from Rudy Giuliani piling on to an orchestrated political attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But honestly, who knows anymore? Read the rest

Rudy Giuliani doesn't understand the internet

Rudy Giuliani is having some Twitter trouble.

It started last week with a covfefe-esque tweet. Read the rest

Trump cybersecurity advisor Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

Rudy Giuliani fatfingered a tweet last week and inadvertently referenced a nonexistent URL (; some clever wag registered the URL and stood up a static landing page that reads "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country." Read the rest

Prankster had fun when Rudy Giuliani accidentally created new website link in his twitter post

When Rudy Giuliani went to Twitter over the weekend to whine about the Mueller investigation, he somehow, accidentally, created a website link in his post.

And of course a prankster couldn't help but have some fun with it, creating this simple but spot-on message about Trump that people reading Giuliani's tweet would be linked to:

Via Daily Kos:

On a more serious note, it remains a mystery as to why Donald Trump would name Rudy Giuliani to a cybersecurity role, a job he is most assuredly unqualified to hold, especially in light of the serious, dangerous hacking efforts of Russia, China and other foreign agents. Roughly eight months after Trump named Giuliani to the job, the cyber security wonks at cyberscoop noted the advisory committee was doing nothing at all.

Giuliani’s so-called “cyber working group,” a vague advisory committee officially announced by Trump’s presidential transition team in early January, is rarely in contact with White House staff. It is absent and disconnected from significant decisions, said a U.S. official with knowledge of White House affairs who spoke to CyberScoop on condition of anonymity. The source, like others in this story, declined to speak on the record citing the potential for blowback from Giuliani’s allies in government.

Read the rest

Rudy and the Beast: Randy Rainbow's latest song parody rips on Giuliani and Trump

Our hero, YouTube parodist and future Tony award-winner Randy Rainbow, has a new video that tears on former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and Trump (the "Beast")... in song! Brilliant. Read the rest

Rudy Giuliani says Trump paid Cohen back for $130K Stormy hush money. Trump denied knowing.

On Fox News tonight, Rudy Giuliani shared some jaw-dropping things. Read the rest

Rudy Giuliani tells Hillary to "Take it and f.... stuff it up your... I didn't say it!"

It's going to get much nastier than this, too. 26 days left. Read the rest