This electric guitar was made from actual McDonald's french fries

Moscow-based musician and luthier ArtMayer so loves McDonald's french fries that he fashioned them into the body of a Les Paul-style electric guitar. From Louder Sound:

"I dedicate this video to all french fries lovers, which I myself am," he said in the video introduction, which shows the instrument starting life as 15 packs of fries in a briefcase before he begins the build, and finally plays a solo on it. "French Fries Guitar. Real McDonald's guitar. I'm lovin it!"[…]

ArtMayer has previously made a guitar from 36 packs of ramen noodles, one out of 107 iPhones, and even constructed a replica of Prince's famous Symbol instrument.

(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

front page thumbnail: Nataliia K/Shutterstock