Here's a retro clip of Redd Foxx putting in work on the stand-up stage

We've abandoned several outmoded elements of sitcoms in the 21st century, and television is all the better for it. However, there's one aspect of older sitcoms that I miss. Remember when sitcoms used to be built around a talented comedian? The plan of attaching a sitcom to stand-ups didn't always bear fruit, but the concept was dynamite when it worked. The late 80s and early 90s exploited the formula too liberally; consequently, people believe the era birthed the idea. That's far from the truth. One of my favorite sitcoms from the 70s featured a veteran comic at the helm. I'm, of course, talking about the legendary Sandford and Son

Even though his Sandford and Son fame might have overshadowed his stand-up career for subsequent generations, don't be fooled; Foxx was a master of his craft. You can watch the uproariously hilarious Redd Foxx in his natural habitat in the video embedded above.