Here's a hilarious look at the future of video essays on YouTube

I miss Jerry Seinfeld. Since it's not like he's dead or anything, I should probably clarify what I mean. I miss his brand of observational comedy. Granted, Seinfeld's setups and style did become the formula for hack comics, but I think observational humor could still connect today. Part of what made Seinfeld a phenomenon wasn't just the precision of his writing or the economy of words he used to sell a joke; it was the subjects he was observing. Seinfeld was a master of inspecting the minute and pointing out the absurdities we all missed.

With the prominence of YouTube and social media, you'd think there'd be one comic with an hour-long stand-up special dedicated to strange quirks in the user interface of the technology we use daily. Or, at the very least, a half-hour special riffing about our behavior while using the tech. That's why I find YouTube's Man Carrying Things so hilarious. Man Carrying Things has built a great niche by lampooning the nature of YouTube videos in their content and execution. In the video linked above, he mocks the current trend of YouTubers making a video essay about everything.