15 women suffer heat-related illnesses after Arizona reality show hike

Up to 15 women who are in Phoenix, AZ from all over the country have suffered from heat-related illness and were rescued Thursday from Camelback Mountain. The women are in Phoenix filming a reality television show called "Bad Girls Gone God" (I have so many questions!), and were apparently on a retreat that included this hike. Several of the hikers had to be wheeled down the mountain while several others were picked up by helicopter. Fox 10 Phoenix stated that "the hikers reportedly told fire crews that they did not do their research before starting the hike at 7 a.m." This much is exceedingly clear, as Phoenix recently has been reaching record level temperatures (today the high is supposed to be 107 degrees Fahrenheit!), and we have been inundated by excessive heat warnings. Reporter Christine Stanwood has the latest updates on her Twitter feed.